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Our Mission

Community Access enables Salina and Saline County citizens to express creative ideas, document community events, enhance understanding of local government, and foster freedom of speech through television and the internet.


Community Access Television of Salina, Incorporated dba Access TV of Salina is a non-profit organization designed to manage local cable channels (Channel 20 and Channel 21) as Public, Education and Government access channels.  We operate through a franchise agreement between Cox Cable and the City of Salina.  We depend on franchise fees raised by Cox Cable and community sponsors to continue our mission.

Access TV of Salina is a membership based organization.  Members are granted access to all facility resources and production equipment.

Access TV of Salina staff and volunteers provide the training and equipment necessary to create programs that express your creativity, explain your ideas, share your culture and foster your right to freedom of speech.


Access TV is located on the northwest corner of 9th and Ash in Salina, Kansas in Memorial Hall.  We have a 500 square foot studio complete with studio lighting, Chromakey screen, telepromptor, studio cameras and studio control room.


What channels does Access TV of Salina operate?

Access TV operates channel 20 (Government/Education Access), and channel 21 (Public Access) in Salina, Kansas, on the Cox Cable system.  Additionally, a majority of programming is available for viewing on-demand on this website.

Do I have to produce a program to be a volunteer at Access TV?

No!  If you only want to run a camera, do audio or just edit there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available.  Please contact us for more information on current volunteer opportunities.

Programming Policies

Click here for a complete list of current programming policies at Access TV.

Current Meeting Minutes are posted on the forum Here

Click here for past board meeting minutes

Board of Directors



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