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As a volunteer at Access Television you can be a part of our Tuesday Night Television in studio recording or you can sign up for our other field recordings such as Liberty Football, Salina High School Football, Salina River Festival and many others. We train you on location so come in to let us know what you would like to be a part of.



Ready to take the next step? Have a great idea you would like to record? Visit our offices to talk to our staff memebers about becoming a member. Membership starts in January for $24 and is a yearly fee that is prorated by the month so if you come in later in the year you pay the adjusted fee. Membership is available to all residents of Saline County. If you are outside of the Saline County area you can download our membership form with your location to submit for review by our Executive Director.


What is a producer?
tricasterA producer is a person that creates their own content to be distributed via Cablecast play back as well as Online to the community at large. To be a producer at Access Television means that you take full responsibility for the content of your program. That means from pre-production planning, the shoot, and the edit the producer calls the shots. You as the producer fill out the program proposal, scout the locations, if it is a field production get the proper releases and permission to film, make equipment reservations, find crew if it is a truck or studio shoot, get the necessary props and set pieces for a studio shoot, and edit your program.

Taking responsibility for the content of your program means that as the producer, you must make sure you do not have any copyrighted information in your program without permission, inappropriate language or subject matter that is not fit for regular viewing hours, violence or nudity, libel, slander, obscenity, and so on. if someone in the community is upset or offended by your program, access TV gives the concerned citizen the producer’s contact information.


How to become a producer?

To produce a program on access TV, you must fulfill the requirements of membership - you must live or work within Saline County. you must also become a certified producer. This involves taking the producer orientation class ($10 fee) and acting as an assistant producer on at least two programs. after that, you may produce your own programs for air on Channel 21, Public access. access TV maintains a list of certified crew members to help you produce your program. access TV volunteer producers are responsible for arranging for all crew members.


At Access Television we have scheduled Group Classes and One on One classes.



Become a member of access TV! Membership provides access to the services and facilities that access TV offers.

Access TV also offers an Internship Program | Call For More Information

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